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1) Favorite team:    as an example put Notre Dame, and all Notre Dame programs in stock will come up.  If you put in California, you will see all our programs that have USC, UCLA, or any other California school.

2) Year: You may simply put the year you are searching for.

3) Game: If you simply put in Rose Bowl, all the Rose Bowl games will come up.  If you put in  1903 Army vs Navy, that program will come up.

If you choose ALL WORDS, and you put in Army vs Navy, you will get any program in our stock that has the words Army vs Navy in the title or description.

If you choose ANY WORD, and you put in Army vs Navy, you will get all programs in our stock that have the word  Army  or Navy  or  vs .  So you will get a lot of programs that have vs that are not Army or Navy.

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