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1938 1st Annual National Championship Finals


Temple vs Colorado Championship game, Oklahoma A&M vs NYU 3td place, Bryon "Whizzer" White, Hank Iba, Don Shields, Bernard Carnevale, Jimm Usilton, Ed Boyle, light crease otherwise excellent

Price: $2,495.00

1939 N.I.T. 2nd Annual Championship Finals


2nd Annual NIT Championship. Loyola vs. Long Island Championship. St.John's vs. Bradley for 3rd. (Clair Bee, J.Lapchick, B.Lloyd, D.Hutchins) Faint center crease. Excellent condition.

Price: $1,995.00

1943 NIT Quarterfinal


Creighton vs. Washington and Jefferson& Manhattan vs. Toledo. Huck Hartman, Dave Minor, Ed Beisser, Ralph Langer, Dal Zuber. Light wear otherwise excellent.

Price: $395.00

1944 NIT Finals


Nit 1944 Finals with St.John's vs. DePaul Championship. Kentucky vs. Oklahoma A&M 3rd place. Autographs from Bob Kurland, George Mikan, Bob Brannum, Floyd Burdette, Jack Dean, Dick Triptow. Very fainy center crease otherwise Excellent.

Price: $1,195.00

1944 NIT Semi-Finals


DePaul vs Oklahoma A&M & Kentucky vs St. John's, Bob Kurland, George Mikan, Adolph Rupp, Hank Iba, small cut-out on inside page otherwise excellent

Price: $445.00

1945 NIT Finals


NIT Final 1945 Depaul vs. Bowling Green. St.John's vs. Rhode Island for 3rd place. (George Mikan, Ed Mikan, Ernie Calverley, Don Otten,Gene Stump) Excellent+

Price: $795.00

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