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1943 Syracuse vs Temple & West Texas State vs St. Joseph's


Billy Budd. Near Mint.

Price: $68.00 Out of Stock

1944 Fairmont State at West Virgina


John Brickles, Lon Keller cover in very good condition.

Price: $58.00

1944 Holy Cross vs Depauw & Dartmouth vs Yale at Boston Garden


Punch holes, Excellent.

Price: $39.00

1944 Northwestern vs Notre Dame & Indiana vs DePaul Doubldheader


George Mikan, Otto Graham, Branch McCracken

Price: $185.00

1944 Oklahoma A&M vs Temple & Penn vs Dartmouth Basketball


Bob Kurland, WM.Budd, normal wear otherwise Excellent.

Price: $115.00

1944 Red Cross Championship Utah vs St. John's


Winner of NCAA Final Four vs Winner of NIT, Wat Misaka, Arnie Ferrin, minor wear otherwise excellent

Price: $395.00

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