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1950 Boston Celtics at Baltimore Bullets


Gene James on cover + Autograph, Red Rocha, Kenny Sailors, Bob Consy, Ed Macauley, Excellent.

Price: $145.00

1950 College All-Americans vs Harlem Globe Trotters


Bob Cousy, Paul Arizin, Goose Tatum, Marques Haynes, Hank Iba, Clair Bee, Ray Meyer, Sweetwater Clifton, minor wear otherwise excellent

Price: $125.00

1950 Ft. Wayne Pistons at Washington Capitols


Fred Scolari on cover, Bones McKinney, Ed Mikan, Fred Schaus

Price: $245.00

1950 Indianapolis Olympians at Tri-cities Blackhawks


Alex Groza on cover, Ralph Beard, Wah-Wah Jones, Cliff Barker, Minor wear otherwise Excellent.

Price: $295.00

1950 Minneapolis Lakers Basketball Yearbook


George Mikan Autograph on cover, Mint.

Price: $195.00

1950 Philadelphia Warriors at Sheboygan Redskins


Redskins team picture on cover, Joe Fulks, Al Guokas, Vern Gardner, National Basketball Ass'n, oversized beauty! minor wear otherwise excellent

Price: $395.00

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