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1939 Troy Haymakers vs Wilkes-Barre Pro-Basketball


1939 Troy Haymakers vs Wilkes Barre (part of the "Original Celtics" strain of great pro teams.

Price: $395.00 Out of Stock

1940 Harlem Globe Trotters vs Puyallup Totems


Oldest Harlem Globe Trotter program on record, Sonny Boswell, Ted Strong, Babe Pressley, Inman Jackson, 6 page fold-out. minor wear otherwise excellent+

Price: $345.00

1940 World's Championship of Pro Basketball


NY Renaissance Chicago Bruins Waterloo Wonders Oskkosh AS Heurich Washington DC Rochester Seagrams FT Wayne Harlem Globetrotters Clarksburg Oilers Syracuse Reds Kenosha Bernacchi Sheboygan Redskins tape repair on interior otherwise very good

Price: $795.00

1941 Cleveland Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers 1st Annual Rubber Bowl Game


historic 1st Rubber Bowl Game! in Akron, Ohio. only minor wear otherwise Excellent condition

Price: $295.00

1941 A.A.U. National Championship


Phillips 66'ers, 20th Century Fox, Acme Steel, Denver Legion, Ohrbach Ath. Ass'n/NYC, Clifton's Cafeteria/L.A., Lockheed Aircraft/Burbank, S.F. Elk's Club, Olympic Club/S.F., Jas.K Wilson/Dallas, plus many more, minor wear otherwise excellent

Price: $245.00

1941 New York Celtics vs Memphis State


1941 New York Celtics vs Memphis State (from the "Original Celtics Pro-basketball strain)

Price: $595.00

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